Avene Cicalfate is amazing - can see a huge difference after just a few days use, very very happy with it and will highly recommend it  :)

hello I have been using your products for awhile now, and really love them

Can't wait til next weekend. I already started using the gentle milk cleanser and the instant soothing moisture mask. But I will try other products, too. Can't wait next weekend!

Thank you for the samples you sent. I have been using your products and the lip balm for a couple of weeks now and am happy to report improvement in the area around my lips which now look and feel “normal” again after months of problems.

I've heard lots of good things about Avène products and was interested in using it for my skin.

I have just begun to use your products. I suffer from both mild acne and acne Rosacea and have found the products beneficial with results within a week. . If it is possible could you please let me know where I could find the complete range of such great products.

Thanks to Avène, I find my face has calmed down a lot.

The Avène Diroseal is absolutely amazing even after less than a fortnight. I know you said it was supposed to take longer, but I really notice the difference already.

I have been using Avène products for the last four months and have found the product very beneficial for my skin

I was given a sample of one of your products (a hydrating cream), which was lovely

My beauty therapist has suggested that I try the Avene range.

I love Avène products and have put two of my friends onto using them. The Diroseal has definitely lessened the redness in my cheeks and I will use it as directed for the full three months. Bythat time I am hoping for a minimum of 80% redness reduction. More if I am lucky.

I have recently been introduced to your range after experiencing a skin reaction to another skin care line. Your products are exceptional; the thermal spring water helped to cool my red irrated skin and the calming moisturiser healed my skin after only 4 days!

Hi, Have been hearing tremendous reports about your products lately from friends saying how gorgeous they are and I would absolutely love to try them! I was wondering if you had any sample you could maybe send out so I could try before I buy?

Hi, I had eczema all my life and have used your products for quite a few years and have found they help my skin immensely.

Hello, I would like to try the Avene range following a recommendation of a friend. I have reactive, oily skin and so I am cautious about purchasing new products without being able to sample them.

I have Rosacea on my face, so I have been using the Avene range. So far it is the only thing my face can tolerate and is very soothing, especially the Diroseal

thanks for this, a great help as this is a wonderful product

I am a 40yo single lady. I hv started using Avene product( Skin Recovery cream ) from January 08 and that I am so glad to know that my sensitive skin around my lips are gone and the skin no more chapping and no more redness!! Thanks to such a wonderful products !! I am now, can be considered as almost owning abt 70% of yr products !!

I wanted to give you some amazing feedback. I have been trying over the last 4 months every skin care product under the sun for my ezcema flareups and I have either reacted or it has not worked at all. I have been using your thermal spray and skin recovery cream for the last 2 days and it has nearly cleared my skin already. I have been so impressed or ahppy with a skincare range and will be telling everyone about it!! Than you, this range is really a godsend

First let me say I completely love the whole range and have been using it for years. My question is (just to clarify the web site's response) "do any of the products get tested on animals?" "is it completely human tested?" many thanks Colleen - Answer yes it is all tested on humans.

Since discovering this product while visiting friends in France several years ago I have been a constant user

I have terribly sensitive skin and I recently purchased your light hydrating cream and gentle gel cleanser. Never before has my skin looked or felt better! after years of trying out product after product i had almost given up hope but luckily I tried Avene as never again will I use anything else.

Hi there I am a regular user of Avene products and think they are fantastic!!

Thanks for the great advice, i look forward to trying the
products you have suggested.  I am getting married in March
and am happy that finally after many many years of searching
my skin is looking better and i don't have to worry about my
wedding makeup sliding off my oily face halfway though the
day! Thanks very much!!

I've recently tried Avène's spring water spray and really like it

I wanted to give you some amazing feedback on your products. I have been trying over the last 4 months every skincare product under the sun for my eczema flareups and I have either reacted or it has not worked at all. I have been using your thermal spray and skin recovery cream for the last 2 days ad it has nearly cleared my skin already. I have never been so impressed or happy with a skincare range and will be telling everyone abou it!!! Thankyou, this range really is a god send!

I love all the avene products i have tried so far. I have been using the products for normal/combination skin as well as the thermal spray and have found that within 2 weeks my facial redness has completely disappeared and my minor pimple problem is gone.

Many thanks for your samples. Found that the cleanser and soothing cream work best and got a
Sample of Diroseal which helps along with the water.Overall, the product is giving my skin a more moisturised look and the rosacea does not have such an aggravated look or lumpy

I love your products! I have developed very sensitive skin and nothing seemed to work. I tried various high end products over the last couple of years, and nothing fixed my problems. Your products are the only ones that fixed my skin issues :) I use you riche moisturizer, cleansing milk, moisture mask, and eye cream. Great products! Thanks

Hi there, I have sensitive skin that is extremely prone to breakouts. I have been using the cleanance gel cleanser which has helped alot

I enjoyed using the skin recovery cream so much that I have purchased the tube and have found that most of my wrinkles (which I noted becoming more evident in recent times) have disappeared (for now).  This is probably a temporary thing bearing in mind my age but still I am impressed.  I will replace my other skin products with yours as they finish and have also mentioned Av`ene  to my friends who have skin concerns.

Firstly please let me congratulate you on such a great product the Eau Thermale lip balm is.

Avene products have absolutely changed my skin. I use the oily/blemish prone skin products and the thermal water and have used them for years. They last so long and work amazingly. I have told so many people about Avene and convinced cosmetic counters which i have worked at to bring in Avene, they did and it was a huge success. I do notuse anything except Avene for my skin care

Dear NZ Avene. I am writing to express my excellent results regarding your products. I am a single mother of a little girl and after having years of relatively normal skin I started breaking out badly and developed such dry red skin... After trying several products and lots of money which I don't have much of I decided to give your products a go. I am soooo pleased I did. Amazing, within just a few days I couldn't believe the results. Redness gone! Spots cleared up and dry skin turned back to beautiful clear complection with a glow, so thanks so much even though I was worried about spending the money on it I am so pleased I did, Yours sincerely

Good afternoon, I recently had an issue with cracked, chapped drying lips and they kind pharmacist suggested Avene. As I had never used Avene I was unsure but I am super impressed with the results

I have extremely sensitive skin and find no reaction at all with Avene

I have been using your products for over 3yrs now and I must say they are phenomenal, I am very fair and have highly sensitive skin, your products are the only ones I can use safely without developing painful rashes amoung other things. I rave about these products and have recommended them whole heartedly to my friends and family. As I am a model my skin condition is very important and must be maintained, I am constantly complimented on my skin, and youthful appearance, I truly do not look even remotely close to my age.

I've started buying the wonderful Avène products. In one of the products there was an insert saying what other products you can buy. One I like the look of is the Anti-Redness Cream (warm weather protection).

Thanks very much for the samples, I was in the UK at Christmas in the bitter cold and I have to say that the Hydrance Rich cream was fantastic.  Usually in the cold my skin will get very dry and then going into central heated rooms it will go very red and dehydrated – this simply didn’t happen with this cream.

Thanks for the product list you sent me it's great. I have purchased the product and it's great!!

I would just like to say, that I had started to get the worst skin I had experienced in May 2008. A friend of mine gave me avene samples to try, within two days I had purchased the products and my skin from that first day has been improving daily, I can simply not believe it! I am over the moon with the results and would just like to let Avene know. I am now an avid Avene user and would never use another brand again for any of my skin care needs. Thank you Aven

I have tried your products and was wondering if you have a body cream.I think your products are awesome and I have used it on my face and it has cleared my psorarsis up. The products I have used are day and night cream anti-redness light moisturiser skin recovery cream smoothing moisturiser Regards

Thanks i'm looking forward to trying some more Avene products soon, i was unsure at first due to many bad experiences with most creams, expensive and cheap, but Avene has so far lived up to its claims. Thanks very much

I'd just like to say thank you for all the help you have given me with my acne. Thank you very much for the spray on water. After using it, my face has improved greatly and it's a lot less inflamed and irritated. I've been following the routine that you sent me and my face is steadily improving and I really appreciate all the information you sent me in the mail. Also thanks for your offer of on-going help.

I have tired your Avene spring spray and Cleanance cream day and night and found them very effective and calming for my skin! And the oil slick i had to deal with every day has greatly reduced, i still get acne but it is much much better, and the Cleanance cream is a great base under my foundation controlling the oil and acne and looks good all day! Also i have tried the Avene soothing eye contour cream morning and night and found it lovely, calming and moisturising without being heavy or oily to use

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